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Letter # 3
"I am writing you to give you a progress report on my daughter. She was a student for two (2) years. She was blessed with two wonderful teachers. She loved school but had one major problem, she was very shy and would not speak to her teachers to the point that I had to send tapes in to let them know of her vast vocabulary. We were quite concerned that her Kindergarten class in public school would swallow her up.

She has blossomed. Since November she has been going to first grade for advanced reading. Last month she was asked to recite a poem with three other children to the parent volunteer luncheon. She had three days to practice the poem and she actually knew all the words and led all the other children. Last week she was tested for the gifted program and was accepted. She actually scored higher in the verbal section!

I wanted to let you know of her progress for two reasons. One was just to keep you informed of your former student. The second reason was to thank you and the teachers for your true concern, love and knowledge. You helped instill a great love for learning and especially reading. Even though she would not speak, you saw her ability to learn to read and included her in reading classes. She has worked very hard to achieve all of this at 6 years old, but I give you a great deal of credit for your help along the way. I would and do recommend REM to all I meet. I wish you continued success…..”

Letter # 4

REM has provided us with a safe and caring environment for our two girls. Everyone in the school is part of a big and special family. Our children are cared for in the same way parents care for their kids.

We never found a place that could give us the peace of mind we have with REM. I can be sure that my girls are being watched and loved during their entire time at school.

It’s priceless to know that our children are safe and learning new things everyday. What a great place to be!!


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