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is a place where you not only can develop your potential and growth, but most important and first of all, you are enhancing the growth and development OF THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW. You have the opportunity of guiding and developing positive and motivated young individuals who will shape our future!!

We are a 20 year old company with a long standing of Quality Early Childhood Development in the Miami, South Dade, Community. We are dedicated to the total development of the child, for all children.

A benefit for employees of REM is the opportunity to advance professionally through the Florida Teach Scholarship Program. This scholarship allows teachers to earn their AA degree, CDA, and The Director's Credential while receiving practical classroom experience at no cost to the employee.

In addition, the management at REM serves on several committees and boards in our community, such as our local colleges and university, The Early Childhood Initiative Coalition, and The Hearing and Speech Center of Florida. Participating on these boards and committees allows our staff to be involved in the most current educational advances, and also benefit from the most current professional training.

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Please send the application by fax or by mail to attention of:
Mrs. Rose Mary Moreno

(305) 235-0007

REM Learning Center, Inc.
16400 SW 147 Avenue
Miami, Fl 33187

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