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We currently provide early childhood education to children from 12 months to First Grade. See the Student Application Section under Registration, for the different programs and times available.

Within our Daily Program we provide extra curriculum activities such as Speech Therapy, Spanish, French, Karate, Ballet, Gymnastics, T-Ball and Violin Lessons.

The morning program consist of a curriculum that concerns itself with objectives in Early Childhood Education.

The curriculum emphasizes a positive awareness in appropriate learning skills, giving the opportunity for the child to develop at his own rate of growth. It includes basic academic readiness with instruction in areas of reading, math, science, health, and social studies.

We also place strong emphasis on humanities, art, music, physical and social development. All of these incorporated together to achieve a rewarding and creative learning experience. We call these work experiences "play".

The afternoon program consists of a well structured child-centered activities program with many of the same activities used in the morning. Also having a well-organized game and play time, and supervised homework group.

Please click here to download a Sample Daily Class Schedule.

Art - Finger Painting - Water Colors

Music and Rhythms

Flannel Board Activities

Body Movement Awareness

Water Play

Cooking Experiences

Dramatic Play Areas

Manipulative Activities

Outside Play Areas


Crafts - Clay


Computer Assisted Instruction

Field Trips

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