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June 17 - June 21

Crazy Lazy Hazy Days of Summer (Backwards Day). Bring your sunglasses and hats for a walk to the ocean

June 24 - June 28

Ocean transportation (boat races, sea aquarium)

July 1 - July 5

Our Country, Red, White, Blue (Hot Dogs - Watermelon - Parade)

July 8 - July 12

Wild Animals (Museum)

July 15 - July 19

Reptiles & Dinosaurs (Animal Presentation)

July 22 - July 26

Zoo Animals, Zoo visit Teddy Bear Picnic

July 29 - Aug. 3

Science Week (Bounce House and Fun Factory)

Aug. 5 - Aug. 9

Discovery (Magic Show)

Aug. 12 - Aug. 16

Classic Literature (visit from the Pink Fairy)

Aug. 19 - Aug. 23

Preparation for Fall Term Fun and Games Week

Things to look forward to:

Arts and Craft Projects

Cooking Projects

Nature Walks

Water Play Activities

Movie Day (bring a blanket)

Special Guest and Events

Aerobics for Children

Swimming Program (additional cost)

Ages 3 & up

Karate, Ballet and T-Ball (additional cost)

Ages 4 & up

Academic Reinforcement Group

Arts & Crafts - Leather Crafts

Computer Assisted Activities

Possible Field Trips to:

Science Museum, Zoo, Don Carter Bowling, Library, Sea Aquarium and more.

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