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What program activities and equipment are offered?

1. The environment fosters the growth and development of young children working and playing together.

Do the staff have realistic goals for children?

Are activities balanced between vigorous outdoor play and quiet indoor play?

Are children give opportunities to select activities of interest to them?

Are children encouraged to work alone as well in small groups?

Are self-help skills such as dressing, toileting, resting, washing, and eating encouraged as children are ready?

Are transition times approached as pleasant learning opportunities?

2. A good center provides appropriate and sufficient equipment and play materials and makes them readily available.

Is there large climbing equipment? Is there an ample supply of blocks of all sizes, wheel toys, balls, and dramatic play props to foster physical development as well as imaginative play?

Are there ample tools and hand-on materials such as sand, clay, water, wood, and paint to stimulate creativity?

Is there a variety of sturdy puzzles, construction sets, and other small manipulative items available to children?

Are children's picture book age-appropriate, attractive, and of good literary quality?

Are there plants, animals, or other natural science objects for children to care or observe?

Are there opportunities for music and movement experiences?

3. Children are helped to increase their language skills and to expand their understanding of the world.

Do the children freely talk with each other and the adults?

Do the adults provide positive language models in describing objects, feelings, and experiences?

Do the staff plan for visitors or trips to broaden children's understandings through firsthand contacts with people and places?

Are the children encouraged to solve their own problems, to think independently, and to respond to open-ended questions?

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